Join us! Friends of Lake Hiawatha – February Meet Up Wed Feb 21 6:45 p.m

Please join us tomorrow night, for exciting updates and to help us plan our spring clean ups for Lake Hiawatha at our

Friends of Lake Hiawatha – February Meet Up
Wednesday Feb 21 6:45 p.m. to 8:00 p.m. at the
Standish-Ericsson Neighborhood Association
4557 34th Ave S  Minneapolis MN 55406

Friends of Lake Hiawatha February Gathering
Introductions 10 min
Yards and Streets Team – Roxanne

  • Update from Roxanne on her Rain Garden Workshops
  • Turn in our results to the City of Adopt a Drain Results by March 15 to win a gift card (see below)
  • Stop Over salting proposal at the MN legislature
  • Spring clean up to get trash out of the gutters and storm drains?

Community Visioning team 

  • Update from Sean C on engagement with the Dakota tribes in envisioning the future of Lake Hiawatha
  • MPRB staff will present on March 7 to the Park Board CAC proposal the MPRB staff proposal for how to structure and the timing for the Lake Hiawatha Community Advisory Committee

Clean Up Team – 10 min – Penny will send in our form to lead the
April 21 Earth Day Cleanup at Lake Hiawatha – with the MPRB and MCWD

Communications Team update – 5 min Reni, Sean, Kyle

Elected official education Team – Following up on our Precinct Caucus resolution?

Pipe Mitigation Team – debrief sending in our comments to MPCA asking them to address trash as a pollutant

Next Meeting Date

ADOPT A DRAIN SURVEY – PLEASE TURN IN YOUR RESULTS to Lane at the City  by March 15 to be able to win a gift card.

THANKS! Sean C., Roxanne S., Sean G., Penny F. Reni K., Ryan S.
Friends of Lake Hiawatha Action Teams and Leaders