Oct 10 Lake Hiawatha Community Advisory Committee meeting

Hiawatha Golf Course Property Master Plan CAC Meeting
Public · Hosted by Lake Hiawatha
Wednesday, October 10, 2018 at 6 PM – 8 PM
414 E Diamond Lake Rd, Minneapolis, MN 55419-1459, United States
Let’s be present at this meeting to witness the CAC discussions and actions. The first two meetings caused a lengthy delay to the Master Plan process that resulted in a new charge for the CAC. The modified resolution directs the CAC to only consider a reduced pumping scenario and bring forward a solution that includes, at a minimum, a flood-resilient and ecologically-driven nine-hole configuration for a golf course on the property.

Friends of Lake Hiawatha is in full support of this decision by the Minneapolis park board Board of Commissioners and continues to advocate for mitigation of the stormwater entering the lake and protection and expansion of wildlife habitat at the golf course and park property. Come support a vision that prioritizes a clean Lake Hiawatha!
MPRB Update:
“The third Community Advisory Committee meeting for the Hiawatha Golf Course Property Master Plan is scheduled Wednesday, Oct. 10, 2018, 6-8 pm at Pearl Recreation Center, 414 E. Diamond Lake Road.

At the meeting, the CAC and Minneapolis Park and Recreation Board staff will begin establishing a vision for the golf course property. A vision is a unique, high-level, singular statement that captures a community’s intent for a given area of parkland. It’s usually one sentence long.

Establishing a vision at the beginning of the master planning process allows for every subsequent decision to flow through and be filtered by the vision so that it meets the intent of the community. It should be an exciting meeting and get everyone moving on a solid path forward!

All CAC meetings are public and anyone interested in the creation a long-term plan for the Hiawatha Golf Course Property is welcome to attend.”